Minibus And Trailer Hire Manchester

At Paul’s Minibus Hire we have a wide range of minibus and trailer hire Manchester options for every occasion. As spacious as 14-and-16-seater minibuses have for people, they have little to no room for luggage. This means having a trailer attached is basically an essential if you want to travel safely and comfortably with luggage. Our drivers will be more than happy to help you pack up your luggage. We’ll go into more detail about whether or not you need a minibus and trailer hire Manchester, but you can always get in touch for personal recommendations.

Regular Trailer with Side Loading

Size: 6ft x 4ft x 4ft. One of the things we are proud of here is our custom-built 750kg trailer with a side-loading door. This trailer is ideal for an airport transfer and for trips where different passengers are getting out at different destinations. All of the luggage can be loaded and unloaded quickly in an accessible manner. This minibus and trailer hire Manchester is a great choice for heavy items and large boxes because it can be easily accessed from the side.

Regular Luggage Rear Loading TrailerMinibus And Trailer Hire Manchester

Size: 6ft x 4ft x 4ft. This trailer is similar to the side-loading trailer, except that it has back-loading doors. This minibus and trailer hire Manchester is used to transport a variety of items and is especially useful for sports equipment and bags. When you’re planning on having a festival getaway over the weekend, then this trailer is a great choice. It’s got the space you need to store tents, sleeping bags, and other essentials. It’s also a good choice for any overnight stay such as a hen night or stag do.

Extra Large Trailer

Size: 10ft x 6ft x 6ft. This is the largest trailer that Paul’s Minibus Hire offers. We regularly deal with customers who need us to transport clients to and from golf clubs, and this trailer is just the right size for that. There is ample room for your golf clubs and trolleys. The extra large trailer is also a good choice for transporting bikes. It even comes with a specially fitted side tracking to hold bikes, which are then securely fitted with the help of baggage straps.

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